Rave Clothing // EDM Clothing // Dance Music Inspired Gear


EDM / Rave Inspired Shirts

Our EDM and Rave T-Shirts are inspired by our love for design and everything EDM.  We have a variety of EDM inspired shirts ranging from Mr. Mayor bot designs to some classic Billionaires logos and more.


Mr. Mayor Designs

Mr. Mayor Bot is a staple at Billionaires & the many different Mr. Mayor designs are a testament to his influence on our brand. For a Rave & EDM focused company, we couldn’t ask for a better mascot.

Tank Tops

EDM / Rave Tank Tops

Within the EDM world tank tops are a popular choice for comfort and mobility. Our investment into Rave tank tops is significant and we are always looking to bring you the next best thing for your upcoming festivals.


EDM / Rave Inspired Headwear

Sometimes the best way to make your outfit pop at a festival is to have some trendy headwear. Our offering of EDM headwear is meant to help your next rave outfit really stand out!

Billionaires Apparel

Billionaires Apparel